Sorcery/Geography in 2012 Best Album Covers (according to A Closer Listen)

Read this piece about the 30 best album covers of 2012 according to A Closer Listen. You will find a few bits of interview with Alvina von Rhein and myself about the making of the artwork. Thanks again to Nayt for the inclusion, to Alain Vonck who took the cover photograph and Alvina who worked on the layout/design.

Humanist Records holidays sales !

Humanist Records holidays sales start today (until the end of the year)

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Hey fellow witxes,

Just wanted to let you know that 2013 is shaping up pretty well for Witxes. We are glad to announce Denovali Records will release our sophomore album along with the reissue (lp/cd) of Sorcery/Geography, next spring. There are still some limited original LP copies available from Humanist Records.

There will be solo performances next spring in Europe and also band performances at the end of september - beginning of october (The Witxes ensemble will performing at the 2013 edition of Denovali Swingfest in Essen, DE). For all BOOKING inquiries, you should now get in touch with Timo at Denovali Booking : booking AT denovali DOT com

More great things coming up…

ps : all downloads available on a name-your-price basis until the end of the year (including Sorcery/Geography).

Sorcery/Geography, press quotes

"Sorcery/Geography is a powerful record, subtle, bleak and magnificent."

Jeremy Bye, A Closer Listen

"A monumentally emotional album, sad and haunting at the same time."
Jakub Adamek, Weed Temple

"The sonic palette being drawn upon in this release is eclectic, yet has a solid base in darkened musical spaces - a move that not only saves the release from being naught more than a collection of individual tracks that could be from different artists, but a sign of the compositional elegance that makes Witxes’ newest release as truly remarkable as it is."
Max Hampton, Future Sequence

"Sorcery / Geography n’est pas juste un manifeste à un instant T, il est l’expression d’un cheminement musical, donc humain, dans tout ce qu’il peut avoir de plus passionnant.
Dom Tr, Playlist Society / Substance-M

"Promesses tenues et dépaysement garanti : tout est ici question d’environnement, de topographie méticuleuse articulée par le biais de la musique, de flashs polaroids, de clichés sépia atemporels qui se bousculent à l’écoute de Sorcery / Geography."
Arnaud Lemoine, Noise Magazine

"Witxes managed to impress me greatly with this thoroughly balanced and fascinating album. The mix of styles is flawless and draws on the relaxing and darker qualities of both jazz and ambient. As such, this is an album that comes highly recommended."
Oscar Strik, Evening of Light

"Très jolie matérialisation audio de ce que nos amis anglo-saxons appellent le « daydream »."
Devs Omega, Eklektik Rock

Indie Rock Mag

"Sorcery/Geography est un bel exemple d’ambient à l’élégance sombre, loin de tout grand-guignolisme macabre."
Lamuya-zimina, C’est Entendu

"On ne peut qu’être terrifiés et admiratifs au dénouement de cette sublime expérience. Encore une production qui aura fait évoluer d’une bien belle façon, notre ressenti au contact de la musique !"
Jefferson G, Now Playing

"43 minutes of beautiful escapism where each note soothes you and shields you off from the sometime cold hard reality that is out there."
Michael, Beats, breaks and big smiles

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Interview June 2012 by Pinkushion (french)
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Weed Temple: Review: Witxes - Sorcery/Geography (Humanist Recordings, 2012)


If David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” were completely devoid of the comedic moments (which means Andy and Lucy gone and agent Cooper not making cracks about pie and coffee, oh no!) and instead focused even more on the grief and horror aspect of the story (I always thought major Briggs and Windom…

Sorcery/Geography, première revue de presse


Un peu plus d’un mois après la sortie de l’album, voici ce qui est paru à son sujet :

Future Sequence
Substance-M / Playlist Society (français)
Noise Magazine (français)
Des cendres à la cave (français)
Eklektik (français)
C’est Entendu (français)
Evening of Light (english)

Now Playing (français)
Beats, breaks & big smiles (english)
Oorvanverderf (dutch)
IRM Indie Rock Mag (français)

Noise Magazine (français)
Pinkushion (français)
So the wind (français)

Dancing with speakers

Il y a une semaine, improvisation sur un solo de danse d’Idio Chichava (Kubilai Khan Investigations) à l’Opéra de Toulon. Merci Idio !
Photo par David J Giachino

Duane Pitre + Agathe Max + Witxes

Concert de fin de saison au Sonic (Lyon) avec Duane Pitre, Agathe Max et Witxes.
Samedi 23 Juin - 21h00 - 6€

Ci-dessus un extrait de ce qui pourrait bien être un des albums de l’année : Feel Free de Duane Pitre.

Fictions soniques

Le chorégraphe Frank Micheletti et la compagnie Kubilai Khan Investigations invitent Witxes pour une performance à l’Opéra de Toulon le Jeudi 31 Mai. La performance aura lieu dans le cadre du festival Constellations. Également au programme : Papier Tigre, Aladino Rivera Blanca, Hama Yôko, Wen Chi-Su, Mensch et bien sûr Kubilai Khan Investigations.

Sorcières impatientes.

Jeudi 31 Mai
Opéra de Toulon
Boulevard de Strasbourg
83000 Toulon
de 19h30 à 00h
Entrée libre sur réservation


Le premier véritable album de Witxes s’intitule Sorcery/Geography et sortira au mois de mai sur Humanist Records (Vinyle 12” / digital). En voici l’illustration principale, réalisée à partir d’une photographie d’Alain Vonck qu’Alvina Von Rhein et moi-même remercions. En attendant plus de détails sur l’album, je vous laisse découvrir le titre d’ouverture :

Winter Light Burns

Fellow wicked people,

Today is the day FeedbackLoop label, curated by Leonardo Rosado, releases Winter Light Burns, Witxes latest piece of music.

This piece is based on a hypnotic yet nervous guitar improvisation, recorded a year ago while the sun was burning down the wooden floor of our shelter, and while the outside temperature was freezing and turning streets into a mesmerizing yet disturbing silent sacred place. This is an in-depth ceremony, a dive into something bigger than us, celebrating the beauty of the stranglehold of nature on man and the masochistic violent pleasure it provides. Most of the sound sources were recorded during that very particular day then reworked during the year, whenever we weren’t feeling like working on the forthcoming album. We believe it is pretty different from Scrawls #01 but also from the aforementioned debut LP, entitled Sorcery/Geography (April 2012, Humanist Records), but it’s up to you, really.

It was mastered by our friend Michael Mysak, who already mastered two Witxes tracks that appeared on compilations in 2011-2012, and who spent some times recording music in a creepy castle cave for Sorcery/Geography.

Witxes would like to thank Leonard Rosado and his team for releasing this piece and Arnaud Lemoine for writing about it.

Oh, and I forgot, this is FREE. This means you owe us hours of spellcasting.